Tuesday, January 1, 2008

tag oleh kujie...saje nk kenakan aku laa..

cheQ ni tak reti nak main tag bagai ni..huhuhu.sengaja jie nak kenakan cheQ sbb dia tau cheQ malas nak buat...huhuhu

1. what is your blogging name?
combi laa..

2.when did you start blogging,exact date??
may 2007 kot...date?? x ingat bah..

3.what was your 1st title?
my self..combi

4.which posting you feel is the best post so far?
mmmm...my precious kot...huhuhu

5.who promote/source of inspiration for you to blog??
my lovely precious...luv u darl & mis u so muchh!!

6.when dya usually post entries?
late at nite..sume org dah mengerohh..hehehe

7.where would you prefer to be when you are blogging?
on my bed bahh..huahua sambil koner baring gituuuu..

8.have you meet other bloggers?who?
yup...kujie & jun.meh nk hugs n kissy

9.how many entries you made in a month?average.
average 20 kot...tol ker??

10.would you reveal your face or your family in your blog?why?
oh coz yes..im not hiding anything bahh..its me,my self & i

11.would you promote your friends to blog?why
rase cm x prnh kot..malas huhuhu

12.would you feel restless/guilty concious/incomplete if you didnt blog for a month??
ade gak ler..tp sebenarnyer rindu laaa kt korang...:)

13.define blogging.
cheQ ka?? juz for fun jer..nk cr kwn...hehehe

aper lg jie yg hg nk tau pasal aku..sudah2 la tu...

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